This project began because of my love towards animals, since I was a child I have been aware of this discard and lack of empathy towards these indefenses,, especially in my country, that is why I decides to take this initiative.  and I was inspired by Kylamoon, my best friend and life partner, a 5 year old golden retriever, who has been mi partner in my whole life with AV in Lima.

The main objective of this project was to raise funds to support different shelters where these animals reside, on the other hand, we also seek to generate social awareness about this problem, and that every time more people can join in.


A few months ago we partnered with a renowned coffee shop in Lima city, which is aligned to our values, promoting a healthy lifestyle, ‘La Sanahoria’.

We are already creating two drinks together, the first one was in May of 2023, ‘Acai de Janeiro’, it was a total success, that's why, in September, we decided to launch a second drink, which we call, ‘Love you berry Matcha’.

In order to continue promoting a sustainable lifestyle,  we decided to replace the traditional straws with sustainable ones, these are 100% EDIBLE AND 


We take this initiative because we are aware that plastics are one of the most devastating enemies for the environment, and above all, for marine wildlife, so we wanted to do our bit to reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

Join this initiative and together let’s reduce the use of traditional straws for ecological alternative

Fashion that respects both you and the Earth.