Garment Care


  1. Hand wash it using a mild Gently rub the fabric together and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Air dry in a shaded area
  3. Rinse after each use: After wearing your bikini, rinse it thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water to remove saltwater, chlorine, sand, and other substances
  4. Be cautious with sunscreen. Apply sunscreen before putting on your bikini to avoid staining. Wait for the sunscreen to dry before dressing


  1. Avoid machine. Washing your bikini, as the agitation and spinning can cause damage.
  2. Avoid hot Hot water can weaken the fibers of your bikini, causing it to lose its elasticity.
  3. Avoid rough surfaces: Be mindful of where you sit while wearing your Rough surfaces, such as rocks or concrete, can snag and damage the fabric.



  1. Choose a mild detergent suitable for your
  2. Whenever possible, air dry your clothes, drying rack helps preserve fabric integrity and prevents excessive wear and tear from the
  3. Hang or fold clothes neatly in your wardrobe to prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape.