Her love for nature and her longing to always connect with the innocence of her childhood imagination made her see the blank page, waiting to be written with what she most desired. Along the journey of life, she discovered her love for the sea; she saw it as an escape to rest the mind and admire life. Ms. Aguaviva, charmed with the sea, bought a beach house in Mancora, Peru, one of the most exotic locations in her country.

It was the perfect getaway; every time she was at home, she felt a sense of freedom, accompanied by people who had become family. Ms. AguaViva had a friend with whom she shared experiences and a passion for fashion. Whenever they were together, they did what they liked to do as children, which was dance and ride the waves.

Shot in Mancora, Peru by Erez Sabag in Casa Lino and Amai Luna.

Supermodel Natalie Vertiz.